Application Process

The university provides an online job search and application process for regular, non-academic employment as well as for our in-house temporary service, UTemps.

Important: Before you begin the application process, be sure you have created an EID and password. The EID and password are required to complete the application.

If you're looking for an academic position, visit the Faculty Recruitment website or directly contact a college or academic unit.

Completing your Application

Take the following steps to create your application to the university.

  1. Create your EID and password.
  2. Log on to the Job Application System using your EID and password.
  3. Select the "UT Austin Staff Employment Application" option and complete the following:
    • Personal Information: Who are you? How can we reach you?
    • Confidential Information: Five simple, legally-required questions.
    • Document Management: Here you will upload your documents (resumes, letters of interest and lists of references) that you will use to apply to postings
    • Apply for a specific job: On the left navigation menu of the application you will find the “Apply Now” section. You will enter the 12-digit posting number of the position you want to apply to. This will lead you to the “Do I Qualify” page. Here you will select which of your documents that you want to use to apply to this position. You will then certify that you qualify to apply to the position.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodation

If you need an ADA accommodation to complete the application process, contact the Office for Inclusion and Equity at 512-471-1849 or the Human Resource Service Center at 512-471-4772 or 1-800-687-4178.

To be considered for a specific job vacancy, you must:

  • Meet all of the required qualifications for the position
  • Be able to perform all of the functions, with or without an accommodation, and
  • Be willing and able to work under the conditions described

A qualified applicant with a disability who wishes to request reasonable accommodation for a specific position may contact the Human Resource Service Center for further information and assistance.


University typing and spelling tests are offered on campus at the Human Resource Service Center on the first floor lobby of the UT Administration Building (UTA) located at 1616 Guadalupe St., Ste. 1.408.

Walk-in Testing: 8 a.m. - 3 p.m., Monday - Friday

You may take typing tests twice a week, once a day. You may take spelling tests once every six months. Your highest score for each test will be kept.

If you live out of state, you may also contact your local employment office to have them coordinate testing with the Human Resource Service Center at 512 471-4772 or 1-800-687-4178.