Application Process

The university provides an online job search and application process for regular, non-academic employment as well as for our in-house temporary service, UTemps.

If you are looking for an academic position, visit the Faculty Recruitment website or directly contact a college or academic unit.

Completing your Application

Dependent upon your affiliation with the university you may need to take different steps to apply for jobs.

Current employees and contingent workers MUST apply through internal job posting site within Workday. Simply type “Find Jobs” into the search bar to navigate to the list of open jobs.

Former employees, former contingent workers and individuals who have never worked for the university will apply through the external job posting site. Here are the steps to create your candidate profile in Workday.

1. Apply-Users must click on orange “Apply” button

2. Create an Account: User will get a prompt for email and password 

3. Password must include: An uppercase character. A minimum of 8 characters. A lowercase character. A numeric character. An alphabetic character. A special character.

4. Quick Apply-User will start the process of applying, will prompt you to Upload resume.  Upload document then click Next.

5. My Information-pre-populates from upload doc (verify for accuracy); below fields are required

6. My Experience pre-populates from upload doc (verify for accuracy)

7. Answer the Application Questions

8. Review- Verify Information of Application

9. Congratulations-Applicant will get a message when successfully completed, click OK

10. Update Personal Information-Applicant gets prompt to enter date of birth.

11. Once date of birth is submitted, Applicant gets successful message, click OK

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodation

If you need an ADA accommodation to complete the application process, contact the Office for Inclusion and Equity at 512-471-1849 or the Human Resource Service Center at 512-471-4772 or 1-800-687-4178.

To be considered for a specific job vacancy, you must:

  • Meet all of the required qualifications for the position
  • Be able to perform all of the functions, with or without an accommodation, and
  • Be willing and able to work under the conditions described

A qualified applicant with a disability who wishes to request reasonable accommodation for a specific position may contact the Human Resource Service Center for further information and assistance.