Performance Appraisals

As manager, your role is to set expectations, gather data, and provide ongoing feedback to your employees to assist them in utilizing their skills, expertise and ideas in a way that produces results. One of the key times for providing this direction and guidance is during performance appraisals.

Probationary Reviews

As part of the selection and hiring process, all classified employees are considered probationary for their first 180 days of employment. It is recommended that you conduct performance reviews after 45, 90, and 135 days for each probationary employee you supervise. You should notify employees when their performance is below acceptable standards. The following tools are available to help you understand the probationary period and to conduct probationary reviews:

New in Position Reviews

New in position employees are employees who transfer to a new position within UT. It is recommended that you conduct a review after 45, 90, and 135 days for each new in position employee you supervise. The purpose is to reiterate department goals, position expectations, and to assess performance. It is your responsibility to notify an employee when their performance is below acceptable standards:

Annual Performance Appraisals

You should conduct a performance appraisal for each of your employees at least once a year. Specifically, you should annually evaluate all of your non-faculty employees who are appointed half time or more for at least four and a half months. As a best practice, you should end the annual performance appraisal process with performance planning between you and your employee in which you discuss expectations, performance standards, and objectives or goals for the next year. When conducting annual performance appraisals, follow the guidelines set forth in the Performance Appraisal Policy for Classified Personnel and Non-Faculty Professional Staff, and use the following tools to help you complete the performance appraisal process:

Get Help Conducting Performance Appraisals

Contact Strategic Workforce Solutions at 512-475-7200 to take advantage of services designed to help you conduct effective performance appraisals.