New Employee Resources

Below is a list of valuable resources to help familiarize you with your new benefits. Attend New Employee Welcome and Orientation on your first day of employment and learn more! At the orientation, you will have the opportunity to ask Human Resources (HR) personnel specific questions about your insurance and retirement benefits, speak to participating campus associates about the services offered to university employees and learn about the convenient online services available to you through Workday (EID Required).

Insurance & Retirement Benefits

Basic Insurance:

Eligible employees that wish to enroll in the UT group insurance program will receive the basic coverage package consisting of:

  • UT Select Medical for Employee Only
  • UT Select Prescription Drug Plan for Employee Only
  • $50,000 Group Term Life Insurance for Employee Only
  • $50,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment for Employee Only

For more detailed information including providers covered by the plan see:

Optional Insurance:

Eligible employees that wish to gain coverage beyond the basic coverage package may enroll themselves and eligible dependents in the following optional insurance benefits:

Read about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as it applies to the UT group benefits.

  • UT System Retirement Programs— Read about UT System Retirement programs, investment options, approved providers, and more.
  • Teacher Retirement System of Texas— All benefits-eligible employees, excluding graduate students, are automatically enrolled in this program beginning on the first day of eligible employment.
  • Optional Retirement Program— Certain full-time employees, based upon their position, may choose this program instead of TRS.
  • UTSaver TSA 403(b)— This voluntary program allows you to save additional income for retirement through Traditional (pre-tax) or Roth (after-tax) contributions.
  • UTSaver DCP 457(b)— This voluntary program allows you to save additional income for retirement through pre-tax contributions, reducing your taxable income.

Time Off

Annual Leave (Vacation):

The university provides vacation time to staff and 12-month appointed faculty employees. Vacation is available to use once you complete six continuous months of state service.


Visit the following links to find out who qualifies to receive paid holiday leave, how holidays are determined, and to see a list of the holidays typically observed by the university.

Sick Leave:

Sick leave is available for you to use once you complete one day of work. Find out more below.

Sick Leave Pool:The sick leave pool (SLP) is a reserve of sick leave hours donated by university employees to provide eligible employees with paid sick leave for catastrophic medical conditions. Find out about eligibility, application requirements, and use of the Sick Leave Pool.
Other Types of Leave:There are several other types of leave that provide paid time off — emergency / funeral leave, jury duty, military leave, and others. Learn more about these other types of leave.
Family and Medical Leave (FML):

Family and Medical Leave (FML) is unpaid leave that provides job protection and insurance premium sharing for eligible employees due to serious medical conditions.

Parental Leave:For those who do not meet the eligibility criteria for FML, the FML policy provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid parental leave for the birth of a natural child or for the adoption or foster care placement of children under three years of age. Read more about parental leave.
Leave of Absence:It is the policy of the university to provide a leave of absence (LOA) without pay for personal reasons, professional development and public service or other activities that reflect credit on the university and enhance an individual's ability to make subsequent contributions to the university. Learn more about the leave of absence benefit.
Leave Policies from the Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP):Learn more about the university's leave policies, including time off for blood, organ, or bone-marrow donation, foster parent leave, Volunteer Emergency Responder leave, Witness Service, and time off to vote.

Other Useful Resources


Workday is your online resource for many necessary employee functions. Below are some of the most popular (EID required).

  • View Payslips (Earnings Statement) — View your payroll earnings statement online
  • Personal Information Application — View and maintain your employee information (address, e-mail, phone, etc.)
  • Find Jobs — Current Employees can search for job opportunities
  • My Insurance Benefits — See a detailed list of the insurance options you've chosen
  • My Parking Profile — View or update your parking profile
  • Paycheck Profile — Update your payroll information through the Pay application in Workday
  • Timesheets — Fill out or modify an existing time report
    • Enter Time - Workday Process Overview (English) (Español)
    • Enter Time for Exempt Employees – Workday Instructional Guide (English) (Español)
    • Enter Time for Non-Exempt Employees – Workday Instructional Guide (English) (Español)
  • Training (UTLearn) — Training resource for UT faculty and staff
Other Employee Services/Benefits:
Helpful/Useful Information:
  • Behavior Concerns Advice Line (BCAL)— Call 512-232-5050 to discuss your concerns about another individual's behavior
  • Center for Access and Restorative Engagement (CARE)— Supports the establishment and maintenance of a nondiscriminatory work environment
  • LifeCare— Discounts offered to UT Austin employees by participating vendors on a wide variety of products and services
  • Environmental Health & Safety— Provides technical consultation, training, investigation and inspection
  • ITS Help Desk— Call (512) 475-9400 for assistance using your computer or phone
  • UT Voice Mail— For assistance using your telephone
  • UT Police Department— Provides escort services, campus watch, lost and found, defensive driving, etc. (512-471-3511)
  • Web Reporting System— For reporting suspected waste, fraud, abuse, and other illegal activities or unethical conduct (anonymous); you may also call the UT Austin Compliance office at 877-888-0002 (you will remain anonymous)