HealthPoint Work / Life Balance Services

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HealthPoint Work/Life Services is pleased to partner with LifeCare to provide UT Austin benefits eligible employees and their family members access to an array of work-life resource and referral services.

LifeCare’s specialists can help you understand your options and connect you with resources on issues important to you:

  • Child care options, child safety, parenting resources, schools, pregnancy, adoption, special needs, summer camps, etc.
  • Short- and long-term senior care options, caregiving resources, retirement, transportation services, meal delivery, etc.
  • Legal and financial concerns

LifeCare provides an interactive website that has quick tips, in-depth articles, live and on-demand webinars, interactive calculators, podcasts, provider searches, online moderated discussion groups, and more to help with a wide variety of work and life needs.

Plus save money with LifeMart:

  • Discounts up to 40% on a wide range of products and services
  • Exclusive deals for University of Texas at Austin benefits eligible employees

Accessing LifeCare is easy.

Need more information? Please view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Additional resources at UT Austin:

  • The HealthPoint Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides confidential counseling, groups and presentations, and other services to help you navigate life’s changes and issues at work.
  • Find out more about the Lactation / Quiet Rooms on campus.
  • Enhance your well-being by engaging in employee wellness programs offered through the HealthPoint Wellness Program.
  • For more information about life on campus and getting involved at UT Austin, please visit the staff page.
  • Flexible work arrangements, such as telecommuting, compressed work weeks, and flexible working hours/flextime, may be good options for increasing your sense of work/life balance. For this reason, HealthPoint EAP provides consultation for employees about proposing and evaluating flexible work arrangements. Call 512-471-3366 if you would like to meet with a counselor about how to propose a flexible work arrangement to your supervisor or manager. Give the Flexible Work Arrangement form (PDF) to your manager to make a request.

HealthPoint Wellness programs are made possible with funding from UT Austin Human Resources, UT System LivingWell, and grants.