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Community is powerful. In times of crisis, we need a strong community to help us learn and move forward.

UT Reads is a Learning & Development campaign to encourage The University of Texas at Austin community to read the same book and discuss our experience. Our aim is to make this a recurring event.

The book for the first cycle of UT Reads will be The Sword and the Shield, a dual biography of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr, written by Dr. Peniel Joseph, director of The Center for the Study of Race and Democracy.

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Living on a High Wire

Date: September 16, 2020
Time: 9-11 a.m.

In this new course from Learning & Development, join Tommy Darwin and Susan Franzen to explore some simple and powerful balancing tools that help us cope with our current situation. We encourage you to bring your challenges, curiosity, and hopes to a much needed dialogue about how our minds and hearts cope with what we're experiencing and how we can support each other to create safe dialogues for change.

*There is a prerequisite before registering for the course.

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Share Your Passion

UT L&D invites people from all around UT to develop their own course and share it with our community. Peer led instruction is a powerful way for UT to be a continuously learning organization. 

We are always looking for experienced speakers who have valuable knowledge that can help other people. We will talk to you about your subject, help identify the best format for delivering your message, and provide you with general UT L&D guidelines for instruction. Course proposals should be developmental, so please do not submit course proposals for specific jobs skills training courses.

If you are interested in partnering with UT L&D to develop a course for the UT community, click the button below and fill out the brief survey. We’d love to hear from you. There is a lot of brainpower out there. Let’s make it grow.

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UT Leadership Talks

Every month the director of Learning and Development, Emil Kresl, sits down with a leader in the UT community to talk about a specific area of leadership. The objective of the series is to add to an ongoing community conversation about leadership so that viewers can continuously learn and grow. The interviews are streamed live on the HR Facebook page, and links to recorded versions with closed captioning and transcripts can be found below. Send recommendations for a guest speaker for UT Leadership Talks to UT Learning & Development

UT Leadership Talks: Leading with Integrity with Adrienne Howarth Moore (November 2019)

UT Leadership Talks: Developing Others with Binta Brown (March 2020)

UT Leadership Talks: Mindful Leadership with Claire Hahn (April 2020)

UT Leadership Talks: Psychological Safety​ with Tommy Darwin (May 2020)

UT Leadership Talks: Leading in a Crisis with Darrell Bazzell (June 2020)

UT Leadership Talks: Leading Learners with Julie Schell (July 2020)

UT Leadership Talks: Empowerment with Rainbow Di Benedetto (August 2020)

Leading with Decency

Leading with Decency is a three-part series of 10-minute videos by Emil Kresl, director of Learning & Development.

Leading with Decency: Common Pitfalls

In the first video, Emil discusses common pitfalls and missteps of new and experienced leaders. From defaulting to common and control to justifiable reasons for micromanaging, He breaks down what to look out for in your own leadership style and others.

Leading with Decency: Common Pitfalls

Leading with Decency: Leadership Types

In the second video, Emil talks about the wide variety of leadership types, both good and bad. In the first episode we looked at common leadership missteps. Now get a better understanding of how they happen to avoid them with the right approach to leadership. Whether you need to examine your own approach to leadership, or better understand other leaders you work with, you will find enlightening and powerful information in this 10-minute video pod.

Leading with Decency: Leadership Types

Leading with Decency: Strong Leadership Strategies

In the third and final episode of Leading with Decency, Emil provides strong leadership strategies and tools. After learning about leadership pitfalls in the first episodes and types in the second, you will learn about specific actions you can take to improve your leadership.

Leading with Decency: Strong Leadership Strategies

Perspectives on Empathy

graphic of two heads intersecting

Perspectives on Empathy is a six-part video series collaboration with UT Learning and Development and Taylor Brown, Center for Sports Leadership and Innovation.

Perspectives on Empathy: Coach Dave O’Neill 

In this first episode, Taylor Brown chats with Coach O'Neill about the team's response to COVID-19, the importance of being a global citizen, and how we can make a simple change in our view of others to relate to them more empathetically. In five short seasons as head coach, Dave O’Neill has elevated Texas Rowing into a perennial national contender. The Longhorns have placed in the top 10 at the NCAA Championship in each of his five years on the Forty Acres, culminating in a program-best second-place finish in 2018-19.

Perspectives on Empathy: Coach Dave O’Neill 

Perspectives on Empathy: David Pierce

In this segment, Taylor and David explore the role of trust in empathy, the importance of building a strong cultural foundation, and the mechanics of fostering a team-driven organization.

Perspectives on Empathy: David Pierce

Perspectives on Empathy: Carol Capitani

Our guest today is Carol Capitani, head coach of the UT Women's Swimming and Diving team. Carol's teams have placed in the top 10 nationally in seven of her eight years as head coach. In this episode, Carol gives an honest look at her experience leading her team through our current challenge, continuing team connection remotely, and sharpening her skill of empathy over the course of her career.

Perspectives on Empathy: Carol Capitani

Perspectives on Empathy: Dr. Ryan Sutton

Our guest today is Dr. Ryan Sutton, Director of the Heman Sweatt Center for Black Males and the Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence. Ryan also runs the Black Student Athlete Summit, which attracts athletes from across the country. In this episode Ryan delivers very actionable strategies for building empathy, connection, and engagement during a time of the pandemic.

Perspectives on Empathy: Dr. Ryan Sutton

Perspectives in Empathy: Dr. Suneet Singh

In this segment Taylor and Suneet discuss the role of empathy in medicine, how to be empathetic to those who hold different opinions and what trusting our leadership means in times of crisis. Dr. Suneet Singh is an Assistant Professor in Dell Medical School's Department of Surgery and Perioperative care where he is a medical education and leadership development instructor. Dr. Singh is also an emergency physician at US Acute Care Solutions and a motorsports physician at Circuit of the Americas.

Perspectives in Empathy: Dr. Suneet Singh

Perspectives on Empathy: Tony Cucolo

In this last segment Taylor and Tony discuss empathy across contexts, teaching empathy to younger colleagues and what we can take away from this crisis moving forward. US Army retired Major General Tony Cucolo served in many capacities including as the Army's Chief of Public Affairs, Commander of the 3rd Infantry Division and Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield, and the Commandant of the Army War College. After his military service, Tony served as UT System's Vice Chancellor of Leadership and Veteran's Programs from 2015-2019. He is currently the Executive Director of the National Security Innovation Council which is a statewide business, academic and entrepreneur consortium.

Perspectives on Empathy: Tony Cucolo

360 Assessments

UT L&D provides 360 assessments for individuals or groups. Our 360 is designed specifically for leadership development and covers 24 key competencies categorized into the areas of interpersonal, situational, and strategic leadership. In addition to rating themselves, the subjects of the assessments can be rated by their manager, peers, customers, and direct reports. 

We do not provide 360 assessments as a means of performance management. This tool is strictly for developmental purposes and therefore we will only provide copies of the reports to the subject. Managers and supervisors of subjects will not receive copies of assessments from our office.

We understand that while quantitative information in 360s can be interesting in terms of comparison among groups, the most valuable information that subjects of assessment receive comes in the form of written comments. Our 360 is designed to guide raters into giving meaningful qualitative feedback while being considerate of raters’ time.

After receiving their report, subjects will receive a debriefing to walk them through their report and give them guidance on creating their development plan.

The cost is $150 per person and includes the report and the debriefing session. If you or your team are interested in learning more about our 360 assessment, contact us by clicking on the button below.

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Leadership Growth Program

The Leadership Growth Program (LGP) develops current and future leaders at The University of Texas. Participants undergo extensive professional development based on an evolving curriculum of leadership principles, theory, and concepts.

This program is currently limited to the Financial and Administrative Services portfolio. All participants must be full-time employees for at least 12 months within FAS.

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