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Experienced and eager learners know the importance of exploration. Below you will find resources from a wide variety of sources. Whether it is L&D's very own services and products, our UT Partners, or massive online learning platforms, this is the place for the learning explorer.

Advanced Human Skills

Advanced Human Skills are foundational to all other career, professional, and personal development. They are the skills that highly successful people aspire to master over a lifetime. When developing a new position or recruiting, hiring managers should focus first on identifying required Advanced Human Skills, and when developing your own career plan, identify which advanced human skills you will need to develop that will have the greatest impact on your success.

Emotional Intelligence
LinkedIn Learning Competencies

Access the collection through LinkedIn Learning for self-directed learning.

Access the collection through UTLearn to include the learning in your transcript or have the ability to assign the learning to your direct reports.

Personal Growth

Burnout & Work Fatigue

Time Management

Fundamentals of Focus

Career Development​

Whether you're happy in your current role or you’re ready for a new job, it’s important to always be developing skills and acquiring new information. UT L&D offers a variety of ways to support you on your career journey.

UT L&D Manager Spotlight

Managers play an essential and often unsung role in any organization. Managers at all levels of the organization play a key role in developing the workforce while they continuously learn at the same time. Because of this role, UT Learning & Development spotlights a manager each month so they can share their perspective on learning and development and other managers can learn about what they do for our community.

LinkedIn Learning Career Path Collections

UT L&D has curated career path collections you can access on UTLearn and on LinkedIn Learning. If you want to develop in a specific area, or you’re just curious about other careers, dive into these collections.<

Access the collections through LinkedIn Learning for self-directed learning.

Access the collections through UTLearn to include the learning in your transcript or have the ability to assign the learning to your direct reports.

LinkedIn Learning Continuing Education Playlist

Continuing Education is professional learning that entitles the learner to credits they can use to maintain a certification or license granted by a third-party organization. LinkedIn Learning offers approved Continuing Education courses aligned with the following organizations’ Continuing Education requirements:

Recorded Webinars
Campus Opportunities
UT Training Resources


Community Learning Team

UT Learning & Development’s Community Learning Team provides full-service group facilitation tailored to your needs. As group learning specialists who serve as your partner and guide, they can integrate their content with your desired outcomes or help build something new, just for you.

Competencies Database

Competencies are knowledge, skills, and abilities critical for realizing developmental objectives. This database provides developmental and recruiting resources for hundreds of competencies. Explore, expand, or target where you want to develop or how you want to hire.

Competencies ID Survey

This survey is designed to help you identify competencies for positions, organizations, teams, or individuals. Competencies are knowledge, skills, and abilities critical for realizing developmental objectives. They are the attributes that are critical to success for a given job, career, or organization. Identifying competencies helps organizations recruit the best candidates, develop people in their organizations, and define criteria for career growth.  On an individual level, identifying competencies will help you start a targeted and meaningful development plan.

External Learning Resources
LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an on-demand library of high-quality instructional videos covering a vast range of software, business and creative skills. With more than 5,000 courses taught by industry experts — and more added every week—LinkedIn Learning is designed for all levels of learners, is available in seven languages, and is accessible whenever you are ready to learn.

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Online Training Developer Resources

UTLearn is The University of Texas at Austin’s employee training management system. UTLearn provides employees greater autonomy in managing training, has dynamic searching, and integrates with Workday.

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Curated Topic Pages

UT L&D believes in getting ahead of the problem. We keep an eye out for critical issues that will impact or are already having a significant impact on working professionals. Our curated topic pages provide resources in a variety of media that target specific subjects/topics.