UT Staff Temp to Hire Program

This program is offered to departments who value previous university experience and choose to fill a position within their organization with a current university employee who is expected to be laid off. This would provide the affected staff with an opportunity to continue working for the university in another position on campus.

How to Use UT Staff "Temp to Hire" Program


  • Available to any university employee on a voluntary basis who has received a layoff notice due to reorganization for any reason. The UT Staff “Temp to Hire” candidate will be made aware that there is no guarantee of permanent employment, or continued employment without a break in service.
  • To be considered eligible for the program, the university employee:
    • must be released by  his or her current department to work with another department while  still within the layoff period.
    • must successfully pass a criminal background check.
    • must not have a formal written performance management action or an overall annual performance appraisal rating of “does not meet expectations” on file within 12 months prior to the date of layoff.


  • Salary and Benefit
    • If accepted into the program, the employee’s salary and benefits would remain at the current rate and would continue to be paid by the department who notified the employee of the specified layoff period (typically the 60-day minimum) in advance of the proposed termination.

Hiring Guidelines

  • Hiring the candidate
    • Once the temporary assignment begins, the hiring department can decide to hire the “Temp to Hire” candidate at any time. However, they will be required to pay the full 45 day UTemp administrative fee.
      • If the department’s rate is lower than the employee’s current rate, the employee will remain on their assigned rate for the specified layoff period.
      • If the department’s rate is higher than the employee’s current rate, the transfer could be expedited before the specified layoff period.
    • UT Staff “Temp to Hire” candidate is Not the Right Fit
      • The hiring department has the option not to hire the “Temp to Hire” employee at any time within the 45 day time period and is only required to pay the UTemps administrative fee for days of service.