Manager's Role - Outside Employment

How do you respond when your employee asks if it’s okay for them to get a second job in addition to their full-time position at the university? The answer to this question will depend on whether or not the second job conflicts with your employee’s work at the university. Use the following information to determine if outside employment is appropriate and, if so, what process should be followed.

Outside Employment Defined

Outside employment is defined as any activity such as, but not necessarily limited to, consulting, advising, testing or assaying, performing analysis or examinations, the practice of one's profession, or similar work performed in addition to the official responsibilities of a full-time university employee. Most outside employment includes compensation, but some volunteer activities may also be included.

State Dual Employment

While a person can hold two or more employments with more than one state agency or institution of higher education, advance approval by the central human resources office is also required in addition to departmental approval.  This requirement is also for state school districts.  Because the state considers itself one employer, there are factors related to FLSA exemption status and benefits that must be weighed before approving a request to work at another state entity or independent school districts. The manager or HR contact for the employee should contact their central HR Strategic Workforce Solutions consultant.

When Outside Employment is Permitted

An employee may accept outside employment as long as their outside employment and volunteer activities will not create a real or perceived conflict of interest or a conflict of commitment. These activities must also not interfere with an employee’s full and proper performance of their university employment.

Before an employee is allowed to accept outside employment, they must submit the appropriate documentation:

Outside employment requests should be approved at the beginning of each new fiscal year.

Approving a Staff Annual Request for Outside Employment

If your staff employee wants to seek outside employment, ask them to complete the Staff Annual Request for Outside Employment. You should review the form and determine whether or not the outside employment situation meets your approval. Forms should be uploaded to Workday in your workers Personal, Documents section. If you have concerns about whether or not to approve the request, contact your Strategic Workforce Solutions HR Consultant at 512-475-7200.