L&D Fundamentals

The What, Why, and How of L&D

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The information here can help you understand what L&D is, why it is so vital to every working professional, successful team, and organization to formalize learning and development. Learning and development should be integrated into the work that everyone does at every level of an organization. Whether you are researching L&D for yourself, you’re looking for information to help educate your team, or you're trying to show leadership the light, you’ll find some great content here.


What is Learning and Development?

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Learning and development is all technical and skills training as well as developmental and enrichment opportunities for all working professionals at The University of Texas at Austin. Learning events are specifically designed for adult learners and considers their multi-faceted and complex lives. Our aim at UT L&D is to make learning part of our culture. That starts with teaching people how to learn and then falling in love with learning. Failing that objective reverberates all the way down the line with all learning, including technical and skills training. Click on the links below to learn more about what modern learning and development is.

What is Learning & Development



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Why is Learning and Development Important?

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Learning and development improves performance and makes for an enriching and engaging culture. Benefits include improved recruitment and retention, increased productivity and innovation, and a healthier and happier workforce. Without a robust learning and development structure and program, organizations lose top talent and are unable to retain top performers. Learning and development is the most effective tool for talent management in this highly competitive culture for talent.

Benefits of Learning & Development



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How does a leader or organization implement learning and development?

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Common concerns about offering learning and development are typically about cost and time commitment. The reality is that effective learning and development saves money, increases revenue, improves processes, and helps manage time more efficiently. Moreover, learning and development creates community and fosters an environment of growth and engagement. To implement learning and development in your team or unit requires committing to making it part of the work you do and rewarding learning behaviors on your team. Build learning into the business and make it clear that learning and development is expected of everyone. UT Learning and Development has many low-cost and no-cost opportunities. We will be happy to discuss options for you to consider.

How to Implement Learning & Development



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Learning & Development is a Community Effort

Learning & Development wants your help to spread the word about our resources and services. This infographic makes it easy for you to share an L&D overview through email, text, social media, or any other means necessary, to help make The University of Texas at Austin a community that is always learning. Send it to your direct reports, your supervisors, and your colleagues and friends. Learning & Development can't happen without you. Let's make this a grassroots movement!

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