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What to Do When You Notice Work-related Injuries or Diseases

Whenever you learn that one of your employees sustained an occupational injury or disease, you or your department's HR representative must do the following:

How to Help Your Employee Arrange Medical Treatment

As a manager, you are responsible for assisting an employee in finding "reasonable and necessary" health care, which is defined as health care that cures or relieves the effects naturally resulting from a compensable injury, promotes recovery, and/or enhances the ability of the employee to return to or retain employment. Assist your employee in the following ways:

Changing Treating Doctors

If your employee wants to change treating doctors, the employee must complete a Request to Change Treating Doctors (DWC-53) form and get approval from the Division of Workers' Compensation before making the change. You should advise your employee to contact a Division of Workers' Compensation customer service representative for assistance with this process by calling 512-440-3513.

How to Complete an Employer's First Report of Injury

A first report of injury should ideally be completed within 24 hours, and it absolutely must be completed by the eighth day after learning of occupational injury/disease/death. In order to complete a first report of injury, gather the following information from your employee:

You must then give this information to your department's HR representative and work with him or her to ensure that you complete the first report of injury on time. If you also function as your department’s HR representative, follow the first report of injury instructions for HR professionals.

How Submit Info to the WCI Office

Submit all medical narratives, witness statements, evidence and invoices that your department receives to the WCI office at the following address:

101 E. 27th St.
Austin, TX 78712
Mail code: J5600
Phone: 512-471-5361
E-mail contact: Mark Steitle

You may need to submit some information to The University of Texas System WCI Office at the following address:

The University of Texas System, ORM - Workers' Compensation Office
220 W. 7th Street
Austin, TX 78701

How to Complete Other Workers' Comp Forms

You should work with your HR representative to complete a request for paid leave and an employer’s wage statement. If you also serve as your department’s HR representative, read the worker’s comp information for HR professionals to learn how to complete these forms.

How to Deal With Questionable Injuries

If you question the legitimacy of your employee’s injury or have questions about the reporting process, you should contact the HR workers' compensation manager at 512-471-5361.